Let’s Start At The Beginning

Welcome, welcome! So glad you can join me. The Late Night Cafe is an idea I have always had that would allow me to grow and cultivate my writing skills and general self expression. It first came about when I was 20 and visiting Seoul, South Korea for the first time. I had never been out of the country before and coming from extremely small towns in Michigan, I was in a completely new world. This excited me. Going there opened up my mind in ways I never would have had the opportunity to otherwise and I felt my imagination go wild. I was blissfully happy in this place and in this culture so opposite mine (as a matter of fact I came from zero culture). For the first time in my life I felt that I fit in somewhere. I belonged. My heart felt so free and I did not want to miss a moment of my experience, so I struggled to sleep at night.

On sleepless nights, I would go out for long walks. Excited I could do so because in America, walking out at night is not safe. My other option was to go to a nearby (not really haha) Cafe that was open until four. I loved going there. It took me a while to learn how to use the Metro or get anywhere because my Korean was so limited then. So I went to this cafe almost daily mostly because the staff there was super nice and patient with me.

I would bring my writing materials and korean language books and set myself up for creativity. But, these nights quickly turned to have a deeper purpose for me. I found that once I had my coffee in hand, I would often get lost in such deep thought. I was seeing, feeling a deeper dimension of things then I ever had before. It. Was. Exhilarating. So I started to write my thoughts out, creating paragraph after paragraph of words that hit my heart deeply. I got the idea to start a Tumblr called The Late Night Cafe, where I would just reblog particular pictures and quotes that fit with my current feelings and it became a soothing, healing place for me. I no longer run that blog but the ideas and the name always stuck with me. I realized I wanted to create something lasting with it.

And so here we are. For now I am here to share thoughts, create a conversation and improve my writing skills, but in the future…..in the near future……..I want to create a place for more than just myself. A place for others to get lost in.

Until then,

This is Babbit!